Must See January Games

Premier League- On January 3rd, Liverpool faces Manchester City. This has the potential to be one of the best Premier League games that have happened in a while. On the 13th of January, Manchester United, who are doing great since Solskjær took over as manager plays against Tottenham Hotspurs. On the 30th of January, Liverpool plays Leicester City who have been getting good results against top 4 teams this year.

La Liga- On the 6th Sevilla play Atletico Madrid who are just 3 points behind leader Barcelona. On January 19, Real Madrid faces Sevilla who are current;y third in the league.

Serie A- On the 20th second place Napoli goes against 3rd place Lazio. On January 27, Lazio faces Juventus who are yet to lose a game this season.

Domestic Cups- On the 16th Juventus plays AC Milan for the Supercoppa Italiana. Both teams have won the title 7 times. Chelsea and Tottenham face off on the 8th and 22nd for the semi finals of the Carabao cup.

International Soccer- The U.S women’s national team has 2 friendlies coming up this month. One against France on the 19th and another against Spain on the 22nd. The U.S men’s national team has one game against Panama. The same team that ended their dream to qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

4 thoughts on “Must See January Games

  1. wow, my cousin is going to be so happy once I share with him about your website where he can find all the information about football, he is a big fan of Manchester United, or man U as he calls it. but he watches other teams too.
    great post

  2. This is cool! One of the sports talk radio announcers I listen to in the Pittsburgh, PA area is a big Liverpool fan. It’s funny because he’ll give some commentary on the game during his radio show that he does between 3pm and 6pm on weekdays. I missed his show yesterday, but I’m sure he was keeping the listening audience updated on the Liverpool-Man City game. I wish I knew it was on because I was off and it definitely would’ve been an interesting game!

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