Premier League Saturday Recap

This Saturday was a surprising day for Premier League soccer.

Arsenal who are currently 5th in the premier league lost 5-1 to the leaders Liverpool. Roberto Firmino was inspired today and managed to score a hat-trick. Tottenham who just won their last 2 games by more than 4 goals were beat by Wolves at home. Harry Kane’s early goal did not help the Spurs as they lost 3-1. Cardiff City played Leicester City and beat them 1-0 with a goal from Camarasa in the 92nd minute. Another late goal game was between Fulham and Huddersfield with Mitrović scoring the winner in the 91st minute. The only tie of the day were with Watford and Newcastle as they drew 1-1 with goals from Rondón and Doucouré. The other game of the day was Everton against Brighton which ended in a 1-0 win for Brighton.

There is more English soccer action tomorrow which will conclude match day 20 of the Premier League.

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