Premier League Scores and Standings – Match Day 21

Match Day 21 was an eventful week in Premier League soccer. Liverpool and Manchester City faced off to see who could take over the Premier League. Goals from Sane and Aguero declared Manchester City’s victory. Manchester United have now won 4 games in a row with their win over Newcastle.

After this Match Day the top 4 are just 10 points away from each other giving no clear view on how the season might end.

2 thoughts on “Premier League Scores and Standings – Match Day 21

  1. Great post. It is interesting to see just how close the standings are. It’s always fun to watch when the teams are close. Who do you think will pull it out as the champion in the end?

    1. Yes, I love it when the standings are this close because every team is going to work hard in every game to try and win!! Personally I believe that Liverpool will win the league this year!

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