The Fight For Promotion : Championship

Ever year there are multiple teams in the Championship(English 2nd Tier Soccer) that want to move up to the Premier league and start a new chapter in the club’s history.

There are only 3 teams able to qualify to go the Premier League. The first two teams in the league get automatic promotion but the other 4 have to battle it out. The number 3 seed plays against the 6 seed and the 4 seed against the 5 seed. The winner of those games play against each other for the playoff finals and the winner completes the three teams that gain promotion. Lets go over the teams that currently have a chance at Premier League glory.

Leeds United- With 54 points Leeds lead the table. Leeds have been in the Championship for 9 years without gaining promotion. A team that in the 1900’s were a powerhouse in English Soccer are yet to have 1st division game in 15 years! 4 point ahead of 2nd place, Leeds hope to finish out this season without losing points and reaching the Prem.

Sheffield United- Tied for 2nd place Sheffield United with 50 points this team is an unexpected one to be this high up in the table. Last year was Sheffield’s first season in the Championship after 6 years. The team from Sheffield have been getting great results against unsuspected teams. Led by tied for first goal scorer Billy Sharp United have a decent chance in making the playoffs if not instant promotion.

Norwich City- The team that is fighting for second place have a good history in gaining promotion. One of the most recent teams to have arrived to the Championship from the Premier League Norwich hopes to gain promotion and stay within arguably one of the best leagues in the world. Last seasons performance was poor after finishing 14th in the league and as this season comes to the final stretch they have a chance of going back to the Premier League.

West Bromwich- One of the oldest teams in world soccer finished last in the Premier League last season hope to avenge themselves next year by getting promotion. In their last couple of seasons West Brom were a mid table team in the Premier league who showed little danger to other teams. After a terrible season they were relegated but coach Darren Moore wants to show his worth and fight back into the top flight.

Middlesbrough- Last season Middlesbrough qualified for the playoffs but lost in the first round to Aston Villa who went on to lose to Fulham for promotion. Looking to not make the same mistake as last season Middlesbrough will try to get in the top 2 spots but a playoff qualification could also see them through to the Prem.

Derby County- The team famous for getting a total of 11 points in their last spell in the top flight are looking to give the Premier League another shot after 10 years of Championship soccer. Last season Derby also qualified for the playoffs but lost to eventual winners Fulham in the first round. This season they are the last team currently being qualified for the playoffs with 43 points just ahead 7th place Bristol City with 41 points. One mess up could cost Derby’s chance in going to the Premier League.

2 thoughts on “The Fight For Promotion : Championship

  1. Thanks for the update and explanation about how teams qualify. I am just starting to follow the Premier League teams and results. If my team qualifies this year from Championship will they have to qualify again next year or does it depend on where they finish in Premier?

    1. If they qualify to the Premier League they do not need to qualify again unless they get relegated to the Championship.

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